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Yakamoz or night paddling under stars shower!
One of my goals in summer trip was sea kayaking. True one. I've been discussing for a long time with Dean. He is an englishman in Turkey living for 20 years. And 15 of them his work is connected with sea kayaking and stand up paddling (SUP serfing). It was on Wednesday. Minibus came to my hotel, me and 3 hollands and 2 english travelled to Kayakoy (7km from Oludeniz). There were Dean and others. We followed his car and trailer full of kayaks to the Gemiler beach.
Night paddling rout was one of the three kayking trips that can be done in this season. 2 others not allowed because of the heat. Fascination of night trip is about meteorite shower. In august it's incredible. But main plot was the marine sparkling of microorganism called "yakamoz" (don't be lazy - google it).
Short training on the shore and we were out to the sea! True sea and true sea kayaking! Walk through the parked yachts behing the St. Nicolas island. Reached the beach to jump from the rocks. Then walk around the cape by kayaks and land to another beach where we got light dinner, conversations. Night came by herself and the stars started to falling down! Unfuckingbelievable! But most incredible thing happened when we were on our way back. Whole group in the dark were following first boat with the shimmering light on it. When we were putting paddles into water it sparkled. Unbelievable! Sparkled like a hot coals in fire. And splashes were sparkling when kayak fell of the waves. They called it Yakamoz - makes that very sparkling when it is disturbed. We went around St. Nicolas island by the side of the open sea and came back to the beach where was launch point (whole loop trip 7km, today checked it). Little conversation under the falling stars and we were transported to the hotels.